What Our Clients Say

"It was wonderful to have Dr. Raffle’s expertise on our side of the case. I believe Dr. Raffle’s report played a significant role in reaching a settlement."

– Stuart L. Mellman, Esq., Alexander & Associates, APC

"I am deeply appreciative for your terrific presentation [expert testimony]. You were authoritative, authentic and a balanced advocate – it was outstanding. Dr. Raffle you exceeded my expectations – and they were very high."

(Attorney name provided on request. Thank you.)

"Your report is perhaps the best psychiatric report I have ever seen. I am very pleased to have worked with you on this case."

Kyle Boone, Ph.D., ABPP, Clinical Neuropsychology

"Thank you for your assistance. It was no surprise to me that the case settled on the heels of your deposition."

H. Yvonne Seeley, Esq. Seeley Family Law Practice

Recent Articles

As a forensic psychiatrist who has evaluated approximately 200 defendants vis-à-vis insanity, it is my experience that it is difficult to explain a psychotic state to a jury. At a recent conference about psychiatry in the digital age, I realized video gamers live in an altered reality while playing video games, analogous to a psychotic…

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A common feature is a lack of empathy with victims. Most serial killers ​(with few exceptions) understand they are committing a crime because they take care not to be caught. Antisocial Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder commonly are present. Sadomasochism is also a common feature. Depending on the shared characteristics of the victims, the serial…

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  • What is a Forensic Psychiatrist?

    A Forensic Psychiatrist is

    • a licensed physician, Board-Certified in Psychiatry.  Board certification in Forensic Psychiatry requires further experience and training in Forensic Psychiatry.
    • A Forensic Psychiatrist assesses medical and psychiatric history of an individual, reviews relevant records and may conduct a psychiatric examination (IME) and psychological testing, to synthesize and render an opinion used in a legal framework

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  • What is an Expert Witness?

    An Expert Witness is a person who possesses information due to special education, training or experience who can assist the trier of fact in reaching a verdict. (In our judicial system, a “trier of fact” is generally a judge or jury). The term Expert Witness is generally used in civil litigation or criminal cases, and the names of Expert Witnesses who will testify on behalf of a plaintiff or defendant are disclosed to the opposing party and the Court. Details of this process are best deferred to an attorney.

    See also What is Expert Testimony?

  • Are you a lawyer?

    No. I am not an attorney and do not practice law. I also do not refer individuals to specific attorneys.

  • Do you see patients?

    The purpose of this website is to address that part of my practice which is not clinical. However, I am not accepting new clinical patients at this time, but keep a waiting list. I do not accept insurance for therapy.

Case Studies


Some years ago I received an enquiry about the strange behavior of an executive at a large employer...

Who’s On First

Since I was a kid, the Abbott and Costello routine of “Who’s on First” has always cracked me up...

Emotional Traumas and Recovery

My second year psychiatric residency occurred at Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco in 1968-1969...

A Response to a Catastrophe

In October 1989 immediately following the Loma Prieta earthquake, several employers in Oakland had to deal with...

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