Toronto Star, “Is Russell Williams Still Grasping for Control?” By Jim Rankin, April 18, 2010

[Background: Col. Russell Williams in the Canadian Forces and a former Base Commander was convicted in a string of murders, rapes, breaking and entering, forcible confinement and sexual assault, following a history of escalating violent behavior.  At the time the murders were first discovered, Toronto Star reporter Jim Rankin interviewed Stephen Raffle, M.D., and other forensic mental health experts to gain insight into Col. Williams’ behavior in jail: a hunger strike, what appear to be suicide attempts and their meaning]

“…the major thing is loss of control and trying to remain in control of an out-of-control situation,” says Raffle, who has interviewed serial killers and gives expert testimony in criminal cases…Hypothetically, assuming that he did these things, there may be a sense of shame, and he sees (suicide) as an honourable way out,” says Raffle. “I think this is a man trying to regain control. It’s his only possible escape at this point….”

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